Horary Points in Acupuncture Theory

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In acupuncture, there are points known as Horary Points. They are also called Command Points. Horary Points are the Element point that corresponds to the Element of the Meridian. For example, the Earth Point on an Earth Meridian (Stomach-36 or Spleen-3), or the Metal Point on a Metal Meridian (Lung-8 or Large Intestine-1).  Horary Points … Read more

Foot Soaks in Chinese Medicine

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Picture the human body as a tree, where the torso and abdomen represent the trunk, the upper limbs are the branches, and the lower limbs are anchoring the tree into the ground.  Our feet can be seen as the place that connects to the Earth, and from where the roots grow and descend. The feet, … Read more

Goji Berries as Medicine

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Goji Berries, Gou Qi Zi in TCM, are becoming a popular superfood here in the West. However, they have been a staple of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years! From a more functional medicine point of view, goji berries are famous for being a great source of antioxidants – helping to reduce free radicals that … Read more


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