dr janette engelbrecht

Dr. Janette Engelbrecht

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

TCM + Neurology

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By default, all TCM practitioners are neurology specialists because all of our clients have a nervous system.  In addition to treating pain and psycho-emotional concerns, like anxiety and depression, many acupoints treat and directly affect other neurological conditions. We achieve great results in the treatment of different neurological issues such as: loss of consciousness, persistent vomiting, memory loss, neck rigidity, mania/withdrawal, and paralysis.

Using scalp acupuncture, which is considered its own microsystem, we can treat headache, dizziness, convulsions, child fright, and epilepsy. Points that are located over the occipital region of the brain benefit vision, points over the temporal region benefit deafness, and there is a point, Du20, found on the highest point of the head (and that many of you have experienced in the clinic!) that can treat ano-genital neurological complications like pelvic floor failure or pelvic organ dysfunction! 

There are some fascinating studies utilizing functional MRI (fMRI) testing that have been able to provide researchers with valuable information about what points affect what parts of the brain.  For example, acupuncture to LI4 induces activation of the periaqueductal gray (PAG) and two somatosensory cortical areas of the brain. This is helpful for pain intervention because of its relationship to the top-down modulation process of pain.  It is also a superstar point for acupuncture anesthesia (yes, that’s a thing!). 

As another example, acupuncture to PC6 demonstrates involvements of the cerebellar-hypothalamus and insula, which are regions that underlie the autonomic regulation of vestibular functions in the brain, which is why this point is so effective at controlling nausea. Awesome, right?!?  There are tons of studies taking place all over the world that are providing us with more and more evidence of how the body and brain are working together during acupuncture to help reset and restore the system. How cool. 

YES! Acupuncture can help with that 😉

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