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Now that Spring is in full swing, there are a lot of people enjoying camping, hiking, riding, dancing, climbing, etc.  It is super fun to be outdoors taking in all the sights, smells, feels, and vibes of nature. With this increase in activity comes a greater number of allergies and injuries and other unexpected stuff, which includes colds & flus!  There are some great Chinese Medicine remedies to help manage all these issues that you or your family might need a few times throughout the year, so they are awesome medicine cabinet additions.

Evil Bone Water is the common nickname for a very strong topical Chinese herbal liniment called Zheng Gu Shui, which translates into “bone-setting liquid.”  It is used today to treat pain or trauma from backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains, breaks, and more. It has proven to be effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis by applying a cotton ball & letting it air dry before putting on socks.  We can use it clinically to treat arthritis and joint pain. Evil Bone Water is well known in many martial arts, and sports medicine circles for its quick and effective healing properties and pain relief. It is believed to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing of injuries and wounds. This external analgesic liniment is a must for everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang is a formula that treats “sudden turmoil.” This formula is quintessential for traveling and to keep in the medicine cabinet for things like food poisoning and the stomach flu. Other symptoms that indicated the use for the formula are: headache, achiness, chills, bloating, pervasive nausea, aversion to food, loss of taste, abdominal pain, cramping, body heaviness, vomiting and diarrhea. Great for use with exposure to spoiled food or water, and helpful for protection against dysenteric complaints

Bi Yan Pian is an herbal formula that is a replacement for antihistamines in the treatment of acute symptoms of nasal disorders without the undesirable effects of drowsiness or dry nose and mouth. The indications for this formula are: painful swollen sinuses, yellow or clear discharge, frontal headache, slight fever, stuffiness, ear congestion, sneezing, and other common head cold or allergy problems.

Yin Qiao San is another commonly prescribed herbal formula that is in a group of formulas that help to treat the common cold and flu. The major indicator for this formula is a sore throat. Other indicators include: low grade fever, thirst, achy neck & shoulders, headache, swollen glands, dry cough, itchy skin with redness. In addition to treating colds and flus, the formula is very helpful in managing tonsillitis, chicken pox, rubella, measles, and hives.

Xiao Feng San is a great herbal formula to help with all kinds of skin stuff and is a great medicine cabinet item for gardeners, hikers, campers, and for anyone with allergies that manifest as skin symptoms. You would take this formula if you have: weepy, itchy, red skin lesions; recalcitrant eczema, psoriasis, chronic hives, scabies, contact dermatitis, acne, poison ivy, and allergic rashes. The imbalances this formula treats are typically aggravated with hot weather.

Magnesium CBD Salve offers a lot of benefit. Magnesium and CBD work together synergistically to provide support to body systems and impact overall health. When CBD is applied topically to the skin, it penetrates through a couple of layers and interacts with certain receptors in the area that help to reduce pain and inflammation, soothe skin, and assist wound healing. Magnesium is crucial for several hundred chemical reactions in the body. When it is taken orally, it can commonly cause loose stools or other GI upset. When used in a transdermal (thru the skin) way, it is absorbed better by the body. Magnesium can help with muscle cramps, inflammation, anxiety, sleep troubles, or hormone imbalance. If you are a patron of our clinic, you have probably experienced the use of CBD Magnesium salve. We are pleased to offer a house-made product infused with TLC by Ashley.

Watermelon Frost is a spray that is used primarily for sore throat. It is effective when applied topically to the throat, sinuses, gums, or open wounds. The herbs in this spray fight inflammation and can help with different kinds of infections (bacterial or viral). It is effective against acute sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mouth canker sores, acute sinus infections, inner ear infections, ulcerative skin lesions, burns, and bleeding wounds. The “frost” of the watermelon is made by removing the fleshy part of the melon and then packing the hollow ring with salt. After a day or two, dark “frost” appears on the outside of the skin, which is then scraped off and harvested to be combined with rest of the herbs in the formula.

Yincare is one of those remedies highly-prized by healthcare professionals universally and has been used by millions of people with remarkable effectiveness. It is a combination of 14 highly concentrated herbs treasured for their anti-pathogenic properties. Because it is an easy to use wash and highly versatile, it is wonderfully effective for a wide range of condition in the treatment of topical and gynecological infections due to viral, bacterial, fungal or yeast-type microbial pathogens such as yeast infections, athletes foot, psoriasis, shingles, eczema, leucorrhea, vaginitis, cervicitis, gonorrhea, vulvovaginitis, S.T.D.s, as well as general inflammations, infections and itching. 

First Aid Rescue Salve is a topical salve made in-house by Janette, and will be coming to the shelves at EAWB soon.  The rescue salve is a simple formula that combines beeswax, vitamins, essential oils and herbs that can be used for a wide variety of applications. It is extremely effective in treating any kind of burn- thermal, chemical, radiation, sun. It is also good for wound healing when there are scrapes or cuts.  Additionally, it can be used for dry, cracked, and irritated skin which makes it great to have in your car or at your desk in the winter. And the bonus is that is smells nice.

These are all formulas and topicals you can find at EAWB, so let us know if you need any assistance or have any further questions regarding these awesome Chinese Medicine medicine cabinet remedies!

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