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Horary Points in Acupuncture Theory

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In acupuncture, there are points known as Horary Points. They are also called Command Points. Horary Points are the Element point that corresponds to the Element of the Meridian. For example, the Earth Point on an Earth Meridian (Stomach-36 or Spleen-3), or the Metal Point on a Metal Meridian (Lung-8 or Large Intestine-1). 

Horary Points have a special quality when used during a particular time of day or during a particular season. The points help to rejuvenate the organs of the corresponding seasonal cycle.  As we come into Springtime, we will work with the Horary points of the Wood Element, which are represented by the Liver and Gallbladder.  The Horary points serve as a way for us to get a clear sense of how the organ and its associated energetics are doing, and what is truly happening in the state of the organ-meridian. These are the points that really give us access to observe the true state of the Element. Treating the Horary Points during their time or season is ideal for revitalization. A Horary Point is only a Horary Point during its’ time of day or season, otherwise, it is just a “regular” point.

In an ideal scenario, a Horary treatment is given during the season of the Element, at the time on the 24-hour qi clock that the Element corresponds to. The Wood Element is most active from 11 pm- 3 am, so we won’t be doing any treatments during those hours on the clock. However, coming in a few days prior to, (or after!), the Spring Equinox, which falls on Sunday March 20th this year, for a Horary treatment would be a nice way to celebrate Spring and the energy that Wood brings to us!

If you would like to get a Horary treatment, click the link in the bio to schedule! We look forward to seeing you at EAWB.

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