Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine


We use a lot of essential oils (EO) at EAWB, including eucalyptus and lavender in the treatment rooms.  Essential oils are another way that you can get the remedy you need from the natural world around you.  Essential oils are really special and unique because they are considered the essence, and the potential of the … Read more

TCM + Neurology

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By default, all TCM practitioners are neurology specialists because all of our clients have a nervous system.  In addition to treating pain and psycho-emotional concerns, like anxiety and depression, many acupoints treat and directly affect other neurological conditions. We achieve great results in the treatment of different neurological issues such as: loss of consciousness, persistent … Read more



Now that Spring is in full swing, there are a lot of people enjoying camping, hiking, riding, dancing, climbing, etc.  It is super fun to be outdoors taking in all the sights, smells, feels, and vibes of nature. With this increase in activity comes a greater number of allergies and injuries and other unexpected stuff, … Read more

What is Light Therapy

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We are very excited to start offering light therapy treatments at EAWB! We will be using a Celluma Light Therapy system. Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), phototherapy, or low-level light therapy, has a wide array of clinical applications.  We can use phototherapy for systemic imbalances like sluggish circulation or poor wound healing.  It … Read more

Horary Points in Acupuncture Theory

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In acupuncture, there are points known as Horary Points. They are also called Command Points. Horary Points are the Element point that corresponds to the Element of the Meridian. For example, the Earth Point on an Earth Meridian (Stomach-36 or Spleen-3), or the Metal Point on a Metal Meridian (Lung-8 or Large Intestine-1).  Horary Points … Read more

Foot Soaks in Chinese Medicine

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Picture the human body as a tree, where the torso and abdomen represent the trunk, the upper limbs are the branches, and the lower limbs are anchoring the tree into the ground.  Our feet can be seen as the place that connects to the Earth, and from where the roots grow and descend. The feet, … Read more

Goji Berries as Medicine

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Goji Berries, Gou Qi Zi in TCM, are becoming a popular superfood here in the West. However, they have been a staple of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years! From a more functional medicine point of view, goji berries are famous for being a great source of antioxidants – helping to reduce free radicals that … Read more

The Medicine of Ginger

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Ginger!!! What do you know about this magical medicinal? In TCM, ginger rhizome is used in SO MANY classical formulas. It is considered royalty. There are several ways in which ginger is used: fresh slices, dried pieces, baked pieces, prepared pieces (fried in something like honey, wine, or vinegar), the peel/skin of the plant, and fresh juice. … Read more

The Use of Cinnamon Bark In Chinese Medicine

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cinnamon is one of the stars of the materia medica.  Both the bark (rou gui) and the twig (gui zhi) are used as medicinal substances. The focus of this post is on the bark (Cortex Cinnamomi, Cassia Cinnamon bark) of the plant.Cinnamon bark (rou gui) belongs to the ‘Herbs that … Read more


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